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Waste of the Day: D.C. Taxpayers Fund Mother’s Miami Vacation

April 12, 2024

Topline: Washington D.C. gave $10,800 to a new mother to help her deal with poverty, but she spent most of the money on a five-day vacation in Miami, according to the Washington Post.

Key facts: The “Strong Families, Strong Future DC” program is funded with $1.5 million to help expectant mothers with expenses like childcare and clothing. It has given 132 mothers either a $900 monthly payment or a $10,800 lump sum.

Canethia Miller used $6,000 to take her three sons and their father to Miami.

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Waste of the Day 4.12.24

They ate steak dinners and took an expensive boat tour past the cities’ mansions — all on taxpayers’ dime, the Post reported.

Miller, 27, said she hoped the boat tour would inspire her kids to work hard so they could eventually live in a mansion.

Other trip expenses included a $180 makeover for Miller so she would not look like a “working mom” and new toys for her kids, according to the Post.

Miller also receives cash from a separate program to cover her $120 rent each month.

She dropped out of college in summer 2022 after her third child was born, which she said worsened her financial situation.

Supporting quote: Miller told the Washington Post that the D.C. program taught her how to save money for the future.

“A lot of communities in my area don’t know the financial gain of credit [or] saving for your kids; that’s why we’re broke. That’s why we don’t have nothing to pass down or no house to give down,” Miller explained. “I’m trying to get to the level where I’m passing something down that really matters, so I can be set and my kids can be set, and they don’t need to push so hard like I’m doing now.”

Summary: If Miller truly believes her lavish vacation taught her to be more financially responsible, then Washington D.C.’s welfare program may not be having its intended effect.

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This article was originally published by RealClearInvestigations and made available via RealClearWire.
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